Sunday, September 11, 2016

Moving on in the stitching front

Finally the map is done and has reached it's destination. So glad to have that finally completed. It took so much longer than I thought it would. My favorite local needlework framer was able to hand cut a mat to cover all that white and even built a box so I could mail it. The final picture I got is not very clear as she already had it wrapped in plastic to be mailed when I got there to pick it up. But it is done.

Now for the moving on part. I went to my huge WIP progress pile to pull out something small that I could actually finish sometime soon with no pressure attached. I love to rotate projects but with the map I didn't do that for the last couple of years. I am hoping to get back to a rotation as that is the way I like to stitch. But I honestly have no rules about what I stitch. 
So next up from the WIP pile is Little House Needleworks Sheep Virtues. This was a project I was working on before the map project started. It was done by the ladies at Shepherd's Bush as a SAL and they supplied fabric and thread conversion differently than charted. I love it. I originally was trying to do one a month but that changed with the map and it got put aside. I am having so much fun with it currently. I love the colors and the design. 

Just finished Faith last night and started on Simplicity which will put me at the halfway mark. 

I have put a few stitches in Dorothy Walpole Sampler by Scarlet Letter and Rose Quaker but very few.
Dorothy Walpole
I love Quakers and although they seem to not be as prevalent as they once were in designs I have several more to stitch and always have one or 2 going at the same time. Currently I have Mary Wigwam and Rose Quaker in the next to be stitched pile. When I want something different I pull out one or the other to stitch. 
Rose Quaker NPI silks

Mary Wigwam silk conversion by the ladies at the Attic. Design by Needlepoint. 
Reminded that I had not updated the blog in a while so decided to work on it. I find the photo uploads a cumbersome process so not sure if it is blogger or my old laptop. I always enjoy sharing my stitching and seeing what everyone else is working on. Hope you have lots of stitchy time in your day. Marjo