Thursday, April 12, 2018

Project progress and a very small new start

so excited to get some stitching done this year! No more finishes yet but finally doing some small things make me feel like progress is being made.
On the sock front I am making slow progress. I still love the yarn colors. My only big problem with knitting is fixing my mistakes. Fortunately my sweet friend has been oh so patient with me slowly knitting these socks!
Legendary Socks by Karin Gustafson
On the stitching front I have worked on the February BBD stockings. I love these little treasures. I have a couple of little trees I can decorate with these. Ideally someday I would like to make seasonal trees.i have collected patterns over time but I really need to get stitching! I have always wanted a Valentine tree, an Easter tree etc, my version of the bowl that I do not own and do not want to purchase.

BBD February stockings Violets 

I am starting a small Lizzie Kate design for two friends who recently lost their pets. My best friend found the perfect frame so I will get that from her in May but meanwhile really need to get started stitching on it. I don't have all the threads for it which with my stash is hard to believe but the color is not used a lot so I will just substitute DMC for as I have all but the newest colors of that. I have to pull some fabric so I can get started this next weekend.

I will leave you with a picture of the first sightings of bears that I have seen. I did not take this (I would not be even this close)
cannot find out currently who took this photo

Here's to hoping you have some stitchy time in your week. Marjo

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Next up from the WIP basket

For the longest time I have wanted to pull out these small stockings from Blackbird Designs from quite a long time ago. I finished a couple of months of them and then moved onto something else. I had won this cute little bag from Stitches N things in Michigan and this project fits perfectly in it. 

I started back on the February set entitled  Love is in the Air. This is a fun stitch and I am enjoying it. It is my new Thursday night stitch project/travel stitch. 

Love is in the Air BBD

I also decided that I needed to do a piece on counted canvas. This is work from Nancy's Needle. It is a long languishing WIP. 
Two Cabins by From Nancy's Needle

The big piece is still Mary Wigham on my floor frame. It is a lovely piece. I love the Quaker designs.

Mary Wigham by Needleprint
I decided to move this to the scroll frame because I was afraid I would never get the hoop marks out. I am trying to stitch from my WIP pile or at least from stash. I did cave and buy a project bag by Sew Much 2 Luv. This is sized a little bit bigger than the regular sized bag. It is a little deeper and will it hold a larger q-snaps as well as all the threads. I love her bags. 
Beauty and the Beast bag from Sew Much 2 love from Etsy

Well that is my update for now. I hope to have more frequent small finishes now that the stockings are back in my workbasket. 
Hope you have plenty of stitchy time this week.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

First finish 2018 photo heavy

A dear friend reminded me that I had not updated my blog in a while so I am pleased to finally have a few minutes to get that done. This where I left off as of the last posting in February. This is 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate.

This is where I am now! Finally a finish of one of my long term WIP’s. This is so exciting to me because I have a huge WIP as well as a huge stash and I love it all. (Sorry the ironing isn’t better but iron was not working correctly and I didn’t want to ruin my piece)!


Here are some closer shots from along the journey just to show you the colors better. It was done on called for fabric and with threads as designed.

Hope you have some stitchy time in your week. Marjo