Monday, June 22, 2020

No excuses, just progress. (Picture heavy)

I am trying my best to update my blog to be current with what I am working on but let’s face it. I just can't keep up. 2020 has not been kind and my needlework, now more than ever brings me just a bit more joy. So in an effort to share where I am and what I am doing, here we go. Last year was the year of gift stitching,  and I literally spent the year working on Wedding gifts for two couples very dear to me. I let the brides - to - be pick the patterns and that is what I stitched last year. I am not a very good deadline stitcher- my life does not lend itself to that very easily- but I made great effort to stay on task and I got it done on time and delivered before the weddings. By then it was end of 2019 and about all I stitched after that was Christmas ornaments. I did however makes lots of plans of what I was going to stitch in 2020.
My Big Toe Design The wedding Sampler
Kooler Design Co. Wedding Sampler
I have so many WIPs that I decided that no new big starts until the WIP pile was decreased at least a little. Lofty goals for someone like me who is a slow stitcher. I am however very stubborn and have so far resisted any temptation to start something new. I have a few to share. These are all long ago started, still very much loved and now they are finished. First up is Alpine Garden from
The Drawn Thread. This was long ago started (reallyI have no idea) and I made a mistake with the top tree line and into long term timeout it went. I finally pulled it out and finished it in 2020. One of my next finishes was Random Thought also by The Drawn Thread. This just needed me to finish the hemstitching in order to be done. Blogger will not let me upload that picture so that will have to be next time.
Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread

For some reason blogger is giving me fits with uploading photos so I will end with these two small finishes. April from the ladies at Shepherds Bush; the second is a Little House Needleworks Ornament Pine Tree Inn. 

For now I will close and hope this finds you well. Take some time time to put needle to thread and see you soon. Marjo