Monday, March 18, 2013

Stitching finishes finished

I LOVE to stitch, I mean it, I love it really I do. Finish it into anything, not so much. I can see what I want to make something in to but it never seems to translate into reality. Therefore I send some things out to be finished. These are the last two of some that I sent out quite a while ago. They came back in the mail yesterday. I love mail when it is stitching related.

Trip around the World Nancy's Needle
Shepherd's Bush Eggs
I love the quilt sampler's by Nancy's Needles. I have several of her patterns. They are so much fun as a change from cross stitch when you feel the need for just a little something different. The colors are great and stitch up fairly fast.

And just in time for Easter are this cute design by Shepherd's Bush. I loved this when I stitched  it and I am so thrilled to have it back.

Well, that is the only finish I have to share. I am off to stitch, hope you find some stitchy time in your day,

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Our TNTSL group had a one day, all day, stitch all day retreat at one of the members houses. It was so much fun. We had plenty of food, great conversations, and all day to stitch as you please. We always try to have some stitchy magazines and catalogs to look at if someone needs to take a break. We had great meals and laughed a lot. Stitching all day, what could be better than that. Only one member had a finish to show for the day. This is a double sided quilt made out of fabrics on hand by one of the group. 
the only finish is this fun double sided quilt

The other side of same quilt
I believe this beauty is off in the mail to a neice of the makers. Another fun quilt finish. 
Cake pops as part of our treats
After a morning of heavy stitching we had to take a lunch break. A friend of my son's made the cake pops for us to try. They were a hit with the ladies. Turtle, strawberry and chocolate, so much to choose from.

always plenty of food

our gracious hostess

this is where the day started
I so agonized over what would be the retreat piece as I had finished my last one.  I have so many pieces that are in my WIP pile that I want to finish. I had to sort through and sort through discarding idea after idea. Then I remember this one. Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread. Any Alaskan who has made it this far through the Winter is ready for some Spring color. Our Springs are short here so we take as much as advantage of it as we can. I am ready for some color so figured it would be best to stitch it. (Gardener I am not). I started this a long time ago. I somehow mis-counted on the middle tree and had to take it down more than once. Hence it lived in the WIP pile for quite a while. This is where the day ended with my progress. I love it and am ready to bring it into the rotation as soon as I get something else finished. Of course I was looking for Spring and all I got finished was the snow.....

The end of the day

There is nothing better for us than a day together stitching. We always enjoy our time together, we eat, talk, laugh and stitch, and stitch and stitch. I wouldn't trade these ladies for anything. The absolute best stitching buddies a girl could have. Already planning when the next one is going to be.....

Hope you have some stitchy time in your day. Marjo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What happened to February?

Boy, I know it has been a while since I posted  but time was really moving fast around here. Since last we gathered here our small stitching group had a stitching retreat.  Plus I am taking classes for some needlework smalls. I am amazed that it is mid March and I have very little to show for it.
I will post later about the retreat. It was a great day. Lots of food, lots of stitching. Wonderful friends. Great day.

Gift stitching
Mystery Sampler EGA- Thursday night project

I am making good progress with my rotation. I have made some progress on each of the pieces. Not a whole lot on any of them because I get so little time to stitch but progress is progress. I want to finish each of the pieces but doubt any but the gift will get finished this year. I am excited to be back stitching my rotation though.
 I have made a good bit of progress on my Thursday night stitching as well. I have several more rows to go on the current project but it is going smoothly so far.
This is the class I am taking through the ShiningNeedleSociety.It
is being taught by Jackie du Plessis. I love the dark
blue of the fibers, they are double dyed blue silk by The Thread Gatherer. As usual I am behind but will hopefully get finished over the weekend, there is not a lot of stitching. .Just wonderful. If you love taking classes but cannot for whatever reason get to the wonderful venues that are provided I encourage you to sign up with the Shining Needle Society. No fees to join, class fees are set by each individual class project/teacher. Take one or many depending on what you want to do. I have done a few, I learn something new every time and always enjoy it.  Many different types of classes are offered. Lots of fun, all completed at home in your bunny slippers.

Rhapsody in Blue 

 I have some books to share with you on needlework. I really love reading and while I love a good mystery (see my sidebar for the recent ones) I enjoy reading about  about needlework, different techniques, the history whatever. I love it. I have read most of the books in our library about needlework (small library)  and am continually building my personal library. I love learning something new about needlework. Ever since I did the small drawn and pulled thread sampler I have wanted to do a larger one. While I have a couple of patterns I thought I would get a book that I found on Amazon. It has some beautiful samplers in it. I will have to gather the materials but it is a definite for future new starts. I will shop for it while I am on my trip to the lower 48 later this year. I have to get something finished before I can start anything else.
one of the samplers I want to stitch

I bought another book on whitework because I am interested in it in general. This is by the Royal School of Needlework. Smaller in size but looks like it has lots of information packed in it. I will have to give you a report when I finish reading it. 

 I love learning about stitching and am wanting to learn to do Schwalm work. I have ordered a book about it which I will share with you when it gets here.

The other two books that I got are historical, one on Boston's needlework as it is used in the home. The other is one in series that I had already collected the earlier ones and enjoyed them. And yes, I really do read all these books, not just collect them. I have purchased quite a few lately so it will be a while before I get all caught up on my reading. But on days when I just am too tired to stitch reading about stitching is at least something.

20th Century embroidery techniques
Boston Needlework
Off to stitch, I hope you have some stitchy time in your day.