Monday, January 31, 2011


Since there were many comments from people who had not heard of the term "stitcherama" I thought I would do a quick post to try to explain a little better.
Stitcherama is a word coined by Thea Dueck for her new form of class teaching to be able to accommodate many people to attend a class in the privacy and comfort of their home but still with the classroom feel to it. You can sign up for the featured project through the Victoria Sampler website and then join a Yahoo group to discuss the project and then a real time webcast where you can write in and ask questions and make comments that everyone in the class can read. So even in your bedroom slippers you can attend class, have all your tools that you usually use at your disposal and ask all the questions you want to ask the teacher or others about the project and the finishing. Part of the teaching is done by special videos for specialty stitches that are then made available after the webcast to replay as many times as you want to get the hang of new to you stitches or techniques. The webcast is real time so Thea is there teaching while you are watching, a little like a one way Skype conversation. The participants have to type in their questions but I didn't find that a problem as we had 3 hours for 2 days to ask questions.  There were people there from all over the world and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got my kit ahead of time with instructions on layout and pre-stitching.  There were lively discussions, scheduled breaks and previews for new designs or for other teaching designs in the stitching stage. I thought it was a great idea. You can go to the Victoria Sampler Website to see the available classes and sign up that way.  After the class the discussions continued on the Yahoo group.
Hope this answers all the questions a little better. Thanks for checking in and back to stitching. Marjo

That's a keeper

I was only able to attend one day of the Stitcherama put on by Victoria Sampler but I can't tell you how much fun I had. I was able to stitch along and read all the real time posts and comment along. Along with very clear video snips of specialty stitches that you can replay to your heart's content I was able to gain a lot just from tips Thea shared while teaching. I learn by seeing and then doing much better than from reading directions so it was great for me.  Of course getting to see up coming pieces in the works was an added bonus. I know some folks had some technical difficulties but I was lucky to have had no problem at all. I would do it again in a heartbeat and will listen to the recast available more than once while it is available. Fun for those of us who generally have to make a long and expensive trip for a class. Great alternative in my opinion and while I would rather take the trip that is not always possible with either work or time or financial constraints.
Hope you find some stitchy time in your day, Marjo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Challenges for the New Year

 I have enjoyed reading several blogs where people are starting 15 projects in 15 days in January. One of my stitching buddies has always held to the idea that January was a "no fault" start month. She is retired and is able to finish all her starts. I on the other hand cannot even finish the things I have already started much less 15 more additions to my really long WIP list. I am really enjoying seeing all the new projects other bloggers have started though. It is my favorite part of blogging and in fact being able to see what everyone else is stitching is why I started blogging. I love seeing what everyone else is stitching.
I will have one new start in January. I am going to do the Victoria Sampler Stitcherama for Happy Hearts. I love the fabric for the lining and the threads for this piece are wonderful. This will be my first new start for the New Year. I am excited to get time to do this. I hope to have CHS Alphabets done before that but I doubt it. The pictures do not do this kit justice. 

I will have some other new starts as I will continue with the gift stitching throughout the year. I am trying to keep them all small as I really want to finish the big projects I have started. I am going to take FAS as my retreat piece. I have wanted to work on it for a while. Once a get a couple of these done I will start something else from the WIP basket or maybe a new start. No rules just fun stitching here.  Hope you have some stitchy time today. Marjo

Monday, January 3, 2011

Now where was I ?

with CHS Alphabets?  Actually since this picture was taken I have finished the wording on Y and working on the hive on that letter. Down to three letters and the fill in at the bottom. It will still be a while before I am finished with this.
 Mary Wigham is still on page one. I have not touched it since my trip to California and Pennsylvania. I look forward to starting back working on her. I love the colors they are a great combination and look so much better than the picture.
 I apologize for the lousy picture of this one Beneath the Sunlit sky. The color is no where near accurate but it is dark here and today it is overcast. Plus I should have ironed it. Guess I will have to change the date on this one. I love the soft colors of this one as well.
 This is a piece I did work on while I was away. My sister asked me a long time ago to stitch this particular design. I could just never get myself to work on it. This piece has a bunch of half stitches. I decided this will be my "strand a day" project in the hope of someday getting it done. She has already mailed me a second kit to stitch for her. I need to get busy.
This year I want to stitch more ornaments. They will be my Thursday night stitching with my buddies projects once I finish CHS alphabets. This is one I started a long time ago and poor Santa has languished in the tin every since. I just have the wording and the bottom border and it will be done.

Hope you have some time for stitching. Marjo