Friday, March 18, 2011

Latest progress

I am heading out on retreat this weekend with my stitching buddies. Just wanted to share a quick post of my last pic of the CHS Alphabet. Hope to have a lot of progress to share when I get back. It has been a long week at work with many decisions to make and work to be completed. I am so looking forward to a weekend of no stress. The most I will have to decide is which piece I want to stitch on and which chair I want to sit on. The food is cooked, the snacks are prepared and I am ready.  Always ready for some friend time and stitching. What more could I ask for?
I have about 10 bottom areas to fill in and the X block to finish. This is done on an unknown color and count from my stash using the called for threads except I am filling in the base of the blocks with Tropical Ocean from Gentle Art. I skipped around filling in the bases so I could use multiple dye lots of the fill in color and not notice a big jump in dye lots just in case. I will have to go back and do a block by block check as I go to be sure I didn't leave anything out but the finish line is definitely in sight. I did go ahead and date it as I felt sure I could finish it this year though there for a while I had my doubts. I swear those blocks grew like bunnies the more I would fill in the more there seemed to be.

I will take pictures when I get back from the weekend to show you how much progress I have made. I am taking only a few projects. I always take too much but sometimes frogs drive me to put down a piece for a while and with all that uninterrupted stitching time I have to have a back up. I am taking a Homespun Elegance Christmas ornament Merry Stitcher, CHS Alphabets of course, Anniversaries of the heart and Beneath the Sunlit sky which has such beautiful colors. I want to get CHS Alphabets done but want to stitch on some other things as well. Oh, and I will take what I wanted to become my new retreat piece FAS. I have not touched that in quite some time but not sure if that will happen this weekend either. I really want to concentrate on the ones that are closer to being finished I think this time.

I hope your weekend is full of stitches, friends and family. Marjo