Sunday, May 4, 2014


Several months ago my DIL- to- be asked me to stitch a map of the USA for their wedding sampler from me. After a couple of false starts I have been stitching away: my stitching has been exclusively on this piece. I doubt I will get it done before the wedding as between work and life my stitching time is limited no matter how hard I try to fit more time in it just never seems to happen.   I am hoping that it will go faster now that I am down to the little bits but even though small they do take a lot of time with color changes. I am using DMC on a 36 count flax linen supplied by Cathy from The Inspired Needle. She made a great choice as I was trying to get the fabric color the same while changing from aida cloth as the pattern called for. Sue Hillis the designer graciously corresponded with me in regards to getting started with this. I appreciate it when designers will answer questions about their designs. Since I am stitching on a deadline I decided I would limit what I was stitching until this was done, even so I don't think it will be done in time. But I am giving it my best shot.
 The Northeast section is completed. and I am farther along than this with the South but have not yet taken a picture.
I did decide that I needed to have a small carry around project for my lunch break as I do get a few minutes to stitch and the map is not conducive to hauling back and forth to work. This is by Lizzie Kate called Forgive Quickly, Kiss slowly. Cute little design I have done before as a gift for a friend's son who was getting married. Was late with that one as well. Sigh. This one will be for my son and DIL as a shower gift. I already have a frame for it so once the stitching is done I will be good to go.
 After I get that one done I want to do this small Heinzit chart Nurse for a young friend who just graduated nursing school. Being a nurse myself, I am always partial to those who choose the same path. Teal seems to be the in color for the younger set so Teal it is though the shades of teal between the two are different by one shade. I wanted to be sure I had enough to do both pieces so I pulled the consecutive DMC shades to kit them up. I