Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little bit of progress

Just a quick update to show my progress on ATS. It has been my focus piece this weekend. Now I can finally move it on the rods and get onto the second half of the first page of the pattern. Sigh
I did get several ornaments kitted up.That involved spending quite a bit of time putting up my DMC's that had been pulled for one thing or another and then pulling the new ones I need.  I am missing a few threads. Joann's was able to help me with the DMC but I needed a few overdyes so they are on order. I want to have several ready to go. I have to have something I can actually finish when I am working on something as big as ATS when a finish would be a long time coming.  I will work on some of the smalls that are gifts this week and then will move to the ornaments. I have managed to get several kitted so I can just take my tin with me in the car and work when I can carve out some time.
Have some stitchy time this week.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday in my neighborhood (no stitching)

Last weekend my husband and I went out and took pictures around our neighborhood just for fun. 
 This is the Alaska Range seen from the end of our subdivision.
 This is where the Eagle River flows through with Knik arm in the distance.
 different shot of the same viewpoint.
 Snow topped mountains, it is starting to come.
 the river
 another shot of the same river
 Fireweed as it goes to seed
The mist hovering over the mountains. This is my favorite shot of the day. I love the mist over the mountains. It is one of my favorite views of all.
We spent so much time taking pictures I didn't get any stitching done. I hope for better things this weekend. Hope there is some stitchy time in your weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stitching updates

I have been really restless with all my stitching. I started working on ATS again, still on the cloud.  I am ready to move away from that cloud!  I am working on some gifts and some ornaments as well.  I am frustrated with Elizabeth Foster though I have wanted to work on it for a while. The colors are off between the picture and the graph. I have tried to contact the designer but no answer so far. It is designed by the Marking Sampler. I am hoping she will have designs for sale on the Online Needlework Show and will have a contact email there.  The colors on the picture don't match the graph at all. I have ended up putting it back in the WIP basket until I get some clarification.
I am going to work on some little monthly designs that were freebies with purchase of the buttons.  They are teapots and teacups that  I really liked. One of the shops I visited in the Lower 48 had these little designs completed and made into flat folds.  I would love to do that as well but with my finishing skills not so sure about it. We will see.

So here is my finish of Matchless Grace. I really loved this little piece. I love the different directions the blue flowers go as the border goes around.

Still high about the clouds in ATS. I enjoy this piece and will continue to work on it on the weekends. It is too big to lend itself to travel to stitch night.

Here is my little progress on the amazingly frustrating Elizabeth Foster. I have made a little more progress since I took this shot.
I am also working on the first of the Bird ornaments from Cathy of Victoria Sampler. I finally spent some time on them and really enjoyed working on this one.

I am still working on some gift stitching that cannot be shown yet. Once they are gifted I will be able to show you pictures.

These are the two latest editions added to my growing needlework library. Love having books to read about stitching when I am just too tired to stitch.
So what are you working on? Hope you have some stitchy stuff in your day.

Monday, October 17, 2011


We had a great time at Cathy's house for our retreat. Getting us all together gets to be more of a challenge as time goes on. Our solution to this problem was to do a one day (all day) retreat locally. We had a blast. Cathy had decorated her home for her favorite time of year and it was beautiful as always.

We had too much yummy food and the swans put in an appearance. I was happy. We  walked down to the walkway to the edge of the water and saw the swans. We couldn't stay out long, hardy Alaskan women that we are because the wind was whipping down the water and it was cold. Not sure the pictures turned out because I couldn't hold the camera very still. We get high winds up here. There were lots of swans and Mallards and some other duck I could not identify. I was there for the swans. 

I got all but the last couple of stitches in Matchless Grace but was able to finish it Monday night. I did work on my "new to me retreat piece" of a Teresa Layman design. It was a challenge with all those knots trying to follow the lines. Not so sure how that will turn out but it will be a fun experiment. I enjoy the cross stitch more. 
People were knitting, quilting, doing crewel and some just stuck with their current WIP which was fine. It was just for fun. We go to be cozy, talk, eat, stitch and just have a good time. Mission accomplished. We had one gate crasher but since she wasn't here to stitch she decided not to stay.
Hope your week is full of stitching.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Still stitching

At our weekly stitch together on Thursdays I was able to get a few more words in the verse on Matchless Grace completed. I was able to get the verse done before retreat Sunday. I hope to finish it at retreat.  There are just a few motifs left to do. This is such a fun stitch.  I will have to pull threads for my Retreat piece and for a few ornaments I want to kit up.
I hope to share pics of the new or new old items everyone brings to retreat on Sunday. So looking forward to it. The member's house where we are going to be spending the day backs up to the edge of the water  and they still have swans visiting out on the sheltered part of the water. I am definitely taking my camera for the chance at a good picture of them. I love watching swans.
I need to get baking as I am taking scones and some form of desert, or maybe two kinds of scones, the one I make that has white chocolate chips could almost be a dessert.

Hope you have some stitching in your day. Marjo