Sunday, January 21, 2018

On the road

I hope to do a post while I am visiting Chicago. I am traveling with my husband. I am so excited to be able to see all the new stuff, touch all the fabric and the walls of floss both cottons and silks at one of my favorite shops The Inspired needle.
 I am still stitching on Mary Wigham. I got the frogging all done. I haven’t put the squirrel back in because it took me so long to get it out. I moved onto one of the flowers which is more of just an outline. I will have something to post next time on her.
 I did make it stitch night before I left plus I was able to stitch on the second leg of our trip so I made some progress on Lizzie Kate’s Six Fat Men.

I go to my last installment of sock class tomorrow and get the toe cf my sock done! That will be the first one done. Hopefully number 2 will go faster. I am slower at knitting than I am at stitching and that is scary.
On the book front Crazy Like a Fox by Rita Mae Brown is almost done. There are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  I will be able to get some reading done on our trip since my husband will be busy most of the time. I got two library books Body in the Casket by Katherine Hall Page and Witches Tree by M.C. Beaton. I also brought several from Amanda Lee who writes a cute Cozy series “an embroidery mystery”. I am lost in regards to which ones I have read and which ones I haven’t so will work on that this week. Will start my second sock! I have grand plans for this week. We will see how it goes. Back to Mary Wigham. Hope you find some stitchy time in your day. Marjo

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Progress forward and back

Happy New Year!
This New Year I made the decision to try my best to stitch from stash and focus on my WIP’s. So I have had no new starts and no new purchases from Santa. My goal is to finally get my stitching room cleaned up and functional again. So Mary Wigham is still getting all my free time and 6 Fat Men my stitching group time. No progress on the Lizzie Kate piece as I was sick this week and had to miss stitch night.that particular project has not seen the light of day.

Being sick left me with no energy but I was able do a little knitting. I am working on my first pain of socks. I am so slow at it! My friend, who is trying to teach me is such a fast knitter. I am a trial to her I am sure. Almost to the toe and ready to learn the final challenge the toe of the sock. I am using Malibrugio yarn in color Anniversario.

I just recently started watching Floss tube. I must admit I stayed up really late last night watching several and am totally hooked. Spent today listening to an older Monica Ferris book, Sins and Needles while I frogged Mary Wigham and knitted.

Trying to work out a plan to divide and conquer the absolute mess of my stitching room. I have more stash than I will ever stitch. I have organized most of my fabric, my over dyed cottons and my Belle Soie silks. I still have the other silks, beads to finish. I have gotten a friend to make some bags for me with extra fabric I bought that I will never get around to using. That cleared up some space. I moved a book shelf in there that fit in a closet but it is too small to hold my Needlework books. That is a current challenge. The room is small and there is no wall space for a bigger book shelf. I have so many books and love them all!

I need to go through all the charts and sell off what I no longer love enough to stitch. My WIP list-listed at the bottom right corner of the blog - I still want to stitch all of those and they are rather loosely grouped in bags in the stitching room. So much to do yet!
Well I have been frogging Mary while I wait for blogger to let me load photos of my progress and I still can’t load them so off to bed. Will try again tomorrow. I have been fighting with blogger for a while! I have never had this much trouble before. First I couldn’t get the photos to load and then I could not edit my typos! Too much, blogger! Finally several days later and it can be posted. Hope there is some stitchy time in your day! Marjo