Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little bit of progress

Just a quick update to show my progress on ATS. It has been my focus piece this weekend. Now I can finally move it on the rods and get onto the second half of the first page of the pattern. Sigh
I did get several ornaments kitted up.That involved spending quite a bit of time putting up my DMC's that had been pulled for one thing or another and then pulling the new ones I need.  I am missing a few threads. Joann's was able to help me with the DMC but I needed a few overdyes so they are on order. I want to have several ready to go. I have to have something I can actually finish when I am working on something as big as ATS when a finish would be a long time coming.  I will work on some of the smalls that are gifts this week and then will move to the ornaments. I have managed to get several kitted so I can just take my tin with me in the car and work when I can carve out some time.
Have some stitchy time this week.


  1. It sounds like you have a good plan to balance things out. Very nice to be able to move the ATS on the rods-that's definitely a sign of progress!

  2. ATS is looking lovely, great progress