Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stitching update

The wonderful group of ladies I stitch with on a weekly basis just had our fall stitching retreat. Two of our number moved away this last year so we were a smaller group than in years past. It was a little sad but we managed to have a lot of fun none the less. We met at one of the ladies' house and she made wonderful soups for us to enjoy after an awesome breakfast. We each brought something to share food wise and as always food was not an issue. We started early in the morning and stitched all day long.
I worked all day on the Hummingbird Kit. I made surprising little progress. I took a ton of other things to stitch and did not do more than bring it out of my stitching bag and look at it. I really want to get this design finished and off to the framers to be ready for gift giving. It will be for the next year not this one. But I will get it done. 
My friend with the only Ta-Da from our gathering.
In getting ready for the retreat, I went through my stash. Yes, well. I am trying to get ready for next year. It is already November  and I have so many stitching goals I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. I am going to continue with the hummingbird kit until I get it done. At the first of the year I am going to try to join the With My Needle SAL and see if this is the year I can keep up with it. Other than that I will stick to stitching from the WIP list. It is a long list. So I was thinking of what I wanted to get done this next year. Several things on the list are past class pieces, some are gifts and others are designs I still love but put down for one reason or another. I still want to stitch them all. So I thought I should deside what other designs I was going to pull from the list to get a little stitching time this year. I am going to do one other new one that is a gift for a friend and will start it as soon as the hummers are done.  The other 2 spots have yet to be decided. I try to do something small  for one of them so I can say I finished something. I am way behind on the BBD stockings and I have more ornaments that I want to stitch that any tree could hold. So much to choose from.  I want to have something small to carry with me for those times I end up with time on my hands and could use it to ply needle and thread. I think it will be the Moose magnet from Mill Hill for my travel piece. Not sure what will round out my rotation but since it will be December by the end of this week I better get it figured out.
Well, off to stitch. It is cold and clear here. Hope you find a warm place to get a little stitchy time in this week.


  1. I love the idea of carrying a small. I need to stash one in the car so I always have one with me.

  2. Decisions! Decisions! It's that time of year once again. Going through stash to find new and old projects for the new year. I plan to play in mine soon!

  3. A retreat with good friends is always fun, even if you didn't stitch as much as you wanted to. I think having a small "on the go" project with you is a great idea. You'd be surprised how much you can get done with just a few minutes at a time.

  4. Your retreat sounds like it was fun! I need to stock my car with a project, I did that with And All Was For An Appil & the CHS alphabet and just having something to pick up here and there worked well. I try to go for something that just requires fill in, so I'm not wrestling with a chart and stitching, etc.

  5. Glad you had a great time at your retreat. I used to get alot of stitching in on small projects when travelling, having small children put paid to that!