Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Denali in the Fall

Every year we go to Denali in the Fall. The colors always seem brighter there for the short Fall season that we have. The colors were beautiful this year and we enjoyed being there as always. 
Denali, the mountain was out for our entire stay. Always so impressive as it towers over the other mountains.

 Fireweed going to seed. True sign that summer has past and Fall is here. I love this the white fluff blows off like the fluff from a dandelion does in the spring. That is the seed pod on it's way.
 Pretty parts of the landscape as we drove through the park.

 The colors were unusually bright this year.

 This is one of the many braided rivers that run through the park. No fish in them.

 I love this sign, the gouge marks on it are where the bears will chew on it. Not sure why this particular sign is attractive to them but the rangers actually put nails through it and they still rub up against it. You can often see tufts of hair attached to it.

 This is the Murie cabin. Each summer they choose an artist who can stay here while they create a piece of artwork that they then must leave for use in the park Museum. I am always interested to see what they do. Many times it involves the wolves as this area is home to the wolf pack.

                                                               Just more of the colors.
So that was one of the trips that used up my September and kept me from being as diligent about the blog. Thanks for bearing with me through vacation pics. I do love Denali and never get tired of it. 
hope you have some stitchy time in your day.


  1. I definitely want to visit Alaska one day. Denali Park is obviously a place I must visit while there. Interesting about the cabin and such a great idea!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Alaska ~ thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photos!!

  3. Such wonderful picturs of the mountains and scenery in the park. Breath-taking!

  4. I sense you love Denali as much as I love Mt LeConte in the Smokeys--beautiful. Now about those bears. . .

  5. What a beautiful pictures you have made. I have read recently some books about Alaska. I think it's a great country. Thanks for sharing and regards from Holland, Riet.

  6. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing