Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sailing Away

I will try to post pictures tomorrow of the progress I have made at long last on this project that everyone else in the SAL has long ago completed. I am slow. I work long hours at the hospital and am just too tired to stitch some days. I did get the girl done and the last of the little motifs done above her. Before I turn in tonight I hope to get the next row completed but that may be too ambitious for the time remaining. Our son called tonight so I am a happy Mama right now. Being able to see him and hear his voice makes it a little easier to be separated, but not a lot..
I did go to the WIP bag and pull out Just Nan's Be Scarry which I had started long ago. Not a big piece. Have no idea why I got tired of it but re-kitted it and it is in the pile when I just want something little to stitch. Of course while I was looking for it I found a couple of other Just Nan's that are small that could use some attention. I pulled them out but realistically won't touch them for a while. They are two class pieces I took a long time ago and never completed for again an unknown reason. One if Heart of Gold, the charm that goes with that is really pretty, and seeds of friendship which is done on a pretty lavender piece of linen. I think these will be my travel pieces as they are small and easy to pick up and put down as we travel around yet not so small count that I need my magnifier.
I did finish a couple of books this weekend, Chocolate Snowman Murder and Murder Most Maine. Both short reads but fun. I love a good mystery.
Hope you all had a stitchy day. Thank you for all the comments. I appreciate it. Marjo


  1. I'm slow project finisher as well. It's ok as I have so much fun along the way.

    What kind of magnifier do you use? I think I need to get one.

  2. I'm not done either Marjo! I'm so thrilled to hear you are working on it. It will get done sooner or later, right? That's what I keep telling myself.
    Take Care!

  3. It's the journey that is important, not how long it takes you to get to the end. :) Enjoy it!!