Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the water''s edge

Finally a little more progress on SAL Sail away. I have wanted to work on it for a while but time comes in short spells for stitching. I went to one of my favorite spots today and read and stitched on Sail Away by Shepherd's Bush. I had joined the SAL but as usual did not keep up. One of the things I like most about that spot is if you sit there long enough you may, just may catch a glimpse of the pod of Beluga whales that swims through Turnagain Arm. I was lucky today and saw the group of them. The place is called Beluga Point and it was one of the first places we found that I loved when we first came to Alaska. It is a wonderful place in my humble opinion and I finally made some progress on Sail Away while I watched the white heads bob up and down in their pursuit of fish to eat. I can't share a picture as my camera isn't good enough to get a shot like that.
I have finished almost all of the upper half of Sail Away. I intend to keep working on it this week with the hopes of finishing it soon. I am also going to stitch on my class piece. Hope your day was stitchy too.


  1. How wonderful to be sitting at your favorite spot stitching and watching the whales. Amazing!

  2. Your spot sounds amazing! Wish I had a and outdoor spot like that!