Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Isn't he cute??

I have a weakness somehow for hedgehogs. I have a hedgehog pincushion and now I have a hedgehog beeswax. I just thought it was so cute and I really fancy the little touches beeswax adds to my stitching baskets.

I finally found the Hedgehog sampler by Sheepish Designs. I think he will have to move closer to the top of the new start pile. It should be a fun quick finish something that does not often visit my house as my favorite designs seem to be the truly large pieces.

Here is the stash that came from Hedgehog Handworks this week. It is the required AVAS for this sampler. Now to my fabric stash to find a piece of fabric to work it on. It calls for 35 count but I don't think I have any that size or even 36 count. Most of my fabric is 40 count. I love the colors in this.
Hope you have a stitchy day. Thanks for stopping by my cosy part of the great Northwest. Marjo


  1. What a cute hedgehog and that pattern is adorable! Your new stash is very colorful - I bet it is beautiful in person!

  2. That hedgehog beeswax is adorable! I love that Sheepish design as well -- you're like me, the quick stitches are unusual. I also love the big pieces! lol! That flame stitch piece is beautiful too!

  3. The hedgehog is awesome! Your new stash looks great~

  4. Love the beeswax and that chart! I think I have that in my stash - I may have to pull it out and work along with you!

  5. I'm a hedgie lover, too. They are so adorable. I've held one and they just roll up into the tiniest balls...just precious! That's a sweet brass hedgehog you have, as well.