Monday, March 8, 2010

Questions answered

For those of you that had questions on my last post I wanted to answer them. I grew up in Macon, Georgia, went to college in Augusta, Georgia and lived in the Atlanta suburbs for 18 years before my husband decided he wanted to move to Alaska for  a better job opportunity. We have been here 9 years. I came virtually kicking and screaming and now don't really want to move away, at least not for a while. This is my view from the walking path next to my house. I have gotten quite accustomed to it over time.
Hope your day is full of stitches.


  1. What a change! Atlanta to Alaska! I'm sure you don't miss the traffic at all.

  2. That sure is a huge change, like Jackie said. I think the snow would drive me crazy. And the short short days in winter. It must be beautiful in summer though.

  3. It looks very quiet and serene! I'm a winter person so I would love to live in a place with that view!