Saturday, January 7, 2012

New beginnings, progress and a finish too

Dorothy Walpole on V. Pecan Butter 
I was able to find all the parts I needed, get the piece on the scroll rods and spend some time stitching  on Dorothy Walpole. I love it. The colors are great and I am going to enjoy this piece. At least that is how I felt till I actually got the stitches into place and found I just didn't like the color fabric I had gotten. It is way too distressed and way too green for me. I tried to like it and then just decided I needed to find a better color and get on with it so I changed out the fabric and am so much happier with it. I am sad I spent more time messing with it than stitching on it but a beginning is always good.
Mary Wigham Needleprint
I am working on Mary Wigham as part of a SAL on Facebook. It has been much neglected, but even a little progress is a good thing.
 I am also going to try to do something that I used to do to get a stuck in the water WIP going and that is put in just one strand of thread a day into a piece. ATS is the piece I chose and one strand for me will be one length of floss a day. I just feel like if I don't do that I won't ever get it done. And I have to get it done, really I do, I had found the perfect frame for it. I even have the wall space for it. Sigh. I will work on it in rotation but I will also try to get in a strand a day as this is such a huge piece.
My first finish of the year is a BBD stocking from the December patterns 'Merry Christmas'.  I really am enjoying stitching them and can't wait to have them all done. They are an easy travel piece.

BBD December stocking, Merry Christmas
I usually stitch in a rotation by weeks. Recently with my limited stitching time that has ceased to work for me any more. I just try to keep a few active WIP going at any one time and focus on them till I hit a wall and then take another one out of the WIP basket.  It keeps me stitching on that huge pile and makes me happy to be able to put needle to thread as often as I can.

Hope you had time for stitching in your day. Marjo


  1. Lovely projects...maybe one of these days I"ll pull Mary Wigham out again!

  2. Finding the right fabric isn't always easy. It's even harder if you're buying fabric online and want a change from what the designer used. Congrats on your first finish of 2012!

  3. Ack, I hate it when that happens!!! Hope you find the perfect linen, Dorothy is a gorgeous piece. Sweet finish and I love your Mary :-).

  4. I had the same problem with that green-ick linen for Dorothy - I should take your que and just bite the bullet and change it and get going - instead I have picked it up and put it down more times than I care to count. That's the biggest problem with ordering from afar.
    good luck with your WIP's in 2012 - melody