Thursday, January 12, 2012

Progress of an odd sort

Homespun Elegance Gifts to you
I am sure this will be perfectly clear what I am stitching on this week, or maybe not. I have been working late hours and by the time it is stitching time here at home  I have been too tired to work on small count fabric so I decided to pull out this Santa from Homespun Elegance and put some stitches into it. It is on huge count fabric and boy does it eat up the thread. This is his shoulder (in case you couldn't tell) and there is much more to fill in. I found as I was working on this that I do not have all the thread for it. So another order had to be made. Having to place an order just for thread is one of the biggest aggravations of living in Alaska. So instead of moving on  to his bag of goodies I had to go back to his red coat. I guess I could have moved over the other way toward the beard, I will head there when I pick up later.
Sally Munro
Sally Munro Essamplaire
Tonight was supposed to be our stitch night but the weather is so bad we just decided to stay home. I have read all the blogs I follow, looked at all the stores I like online and signed up for the Essamplaire class as well. Just what I need is another project but I have loved the look of this one since it came out in a previous newsletter. Picture is from the Essamplaire website. I enjoy taking classes as I always learn so much and I have always enjoyed the classes from Essamplaire.
I leave you with a picture from my drive home, this female was headed into the hospital stopping for a snack as I was headed home, note the blowing snow out there....that is why I am home stitching.....
Hope you have some stitchy time in your day.



  1. Amazing pic Marjo!
    Your stitching is looking good. It is amazing how much floss gets eaten up. Yea for the Essamplaire class.

  2. The snow looks so pretty! I can see why you decided to stay home. The moose is cute. I'd love to see one!

    I live in Florida and order everything online too. We do have a small shop nearby but it's not someplace I like to visit. The hardest thing for me is fabric - it's just so hard to buy online.

  3. I have heard on the news how bad the weather has been in Alaska this winter! Sorry you did not have all threads needed that is an aggrevation for sure. That sampler you plan on stitching is gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see your progress!

  4. What a lovely picture of the moose. And what a scary (to me) amount of snow! How aggravating to havet to wait for your thread orders. I work at my LNS part time, and I try to make myself wait sometimes two whole days before I give in and drive up there (30 minutes) to get whatever I'm missing.

  5. I've enjoyed looking back through your blog!
    What a beautiful sampler Sally Munro is.
    Wow - that is a lot of snow!

  6. boy I can imagine having to order just for thread would be annoying. You probably ending up spending more than you need to sometimes just to 'fill out' an order. They opened a new needlepoint store not too far form me and I'm anxious to check it out and see what fibers they carry. Could save me some gas! That is some incredible snow you have Marjo - stay warm and keep stitching!

  7. Great projects and what a great picture too!

  8. What an amazing picture!!! Love it :-). Sally Munro is stunning, I am trying very hard to resist, LOL.

  9. I hear you about the thread...where I live there is nowhere that sells a decent range of threads. I nearly always end up having to order online.