Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow and stitches

bird feeders and house out back

Out my front door

Kori enjoying the snow

We are in serious need of some shoveling. It snowed again yesterday, but that is okay because that means it warmed up enough to snow.  The first is shot is out the back door, the second the front steps and the third is the back with the dog who has made a path to under a tree when there is enough room to move around. The sky is blue today and bright sunshine makes for a cheerful day. I am looking forward to some stitching time and the next few shots are of my Blackbird design stocking. One finish and the next two are different shots of the small progress I have made on the second stocking. These are quite fun and I am loving stitching on these in between the big projects I always seem to choose. 
Blackbird designs auld lange syne

Winter Carnation BBD

Hope you are enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Hope you have lots of stitching time in your day. Marjo


  1. Love the little stockings!

    The snow pics are beautiful! We've only had a dusting of snow so far this winter and the temps have been way above normal. Maybe we'll get a little before winter ends, but I won't really complain if we don't!

    Happy stitching:)

  2. "Warmed up enough to snow..." I do not miss living in that kind of climate. Have fun shoveling out! (Or better yet, watching someone else shovel while you stitch.)

  3. The moose wind chimes crack me up. The snow--my goodness, the snow! I love those stockings--I've started one, but haven't made much progress.

  4. Living in Florida, I didn't even know that it could be too cold to snow!

    I'm working on a couple of big projects and I really need to do what you're doing and have a small one going too.

  5. That's a lot of snow, Marjo! I'm so glad we've gotten so little this year. Michigan's best winter ever, if you ask me! Your stocking looks great and I love all your wips! Stay warm!

  6. Cute little projects. I am a big BBD fan.

    Love your wind chime!

  7. That sure is some snow! I'm happy with our milder winter this year ~ especially after the last few. Aren't the BBD stockings fun to stitch? I'll be doing one this month too.