Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dorothy, you'll have to take my word for it

Dorothy Walpole
At this point Dorothy Walpole is just a green border line. I had changed out the fabric since I did not like the fabric that I got with the design. I used Vintage Pecan Butter and it is a great color. I have worked across the top part of the border so I could be sure that the piece would fit before I got too much done. I am enjoying this piece and look forward to getting more time with her. I hope to spend Saturday's working on it as normally that is the day I spend the most time stitching.
Winter Carnation BBD
I am loving the BBD stockings. They are so much fun. I finished Auld Lang Syne stocking. It is a cute thing. I moved on to the second stocking from January named Winter Carnation and finished that during the Super Bowl. Great colors that are cheerful for this grey time of year in Alaska. I think the birthday one which is the third one from January will be one I make more than once. How cute to put a small gift in and give to friends as a keepsake. I think I will use them as gift tags. Quick fun stitch.
Be My Valentine Drawn Thread
I have signed up for several classes this year. I just love learning about needlework. I am taking the Amy Mitten class on thread winders. I got the fabric and thread packet in the mail today. I am looking forward to starting it. I would love to keep up with it and finish on time with the class . I have also signed up for Sally Munro with the Essamplaire. I hope to get started with it on time as well. The kit has not yet been received for that but I am sure it will be here soon. Not like I don't have something to work on in the mean time. That is why I did not start any other large projects except Dorothy Walpole this year. I knew I was going to take some classes. I just got my chart of Ann Dale from the Attic. It is missing a couple of colors that were back ordered.  That is for a SAL that is being run by the Attic. I intend to do both SAL from Ellen Chester's annual newsletter stitch a long. I have wanted to do a darning sampler and the other sampler is just lovely.  I have one more class upcoming that starts in May. It is an 18 month long class on Needlework Caskets. I have always wanted one and this seemed the best way to get one -  take a class. I am really looking forward to each of these classes for different reasons. Most of all because I love needlework  and learning about needlework is something I particularly enjoy.
I have gotten some small seasonal charts. One of the ones most recently received is a Valentine small design by Drawn Thread. The colors are just gorgeous. I want to do a small seasonal Valentine display for next year. I have some pincushions, some free patterns for smalls and a little pillow. Along with this will be a few small framed pieces including this new Drawn thread, a new Shepherd's Bush and new little Lizzie Kate. I think they will look great together.
Hope you have some stitchy time in your week.


  1. Wow I love your list of classes, I was seriously tempted by Sally Munro. I think it's too late though. Great idea on the smalls as well.

    Aren't the stockings so sweet and quick, I need to kit a couple of them. Love your Dorothy too.

  2. You have wonderful projects started and great stitching plans for 2012.

  3. You are going to have a fun stitchy time in 2012! Love you projects!

  4. I love your list of classes, Marjo! I've always wanted to do a needlework casket since I saw the And The Lord Remembered Hannah (think that's the name) by Mary Beale. Nice start on Dorothy, and I love the stocking! I am having such fun with them. I need to do the rest of January's and do February's, hopefully this month.

  5. Great plans and projects! Will be watching to see them grow!

  6. I just love looking at fabric and thread for a new start! Yours is gorgeous!

    Are these classes online? Have you taken this type of class before? I'd love to hear your experiences with it.

  7. I love all of your projects! Can't wait to see the progress on everything.

  8. You've signed up for some great classes.

    Dorothy & the stocking are looking lovely

  9. Love your projects Marjo! I am just getting ready to finally try a couple of the BBD Christmas-themed stockings, everyone's I see are so cute.

  10. Love that stocking! I think that's the last of the January ones I need to stitch still. And I've signed up for the Amy Mitten class too. Enjoy!!

  11. I have been so tempted by the drawn thread pattern!!

    I have gifted you with the liebster award! please check my blog!

  12. Marjo, I'm passing on the Lieber Blog Award to you. It is for blogs with fewer than 200 followers. For more information check out my blog at www.stitchinginmygarden,

    I love Dorothy....have seen her finished on other blogs