Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some stitching progress

I did order some new books all stitching related. One came today "Seventeenth and Eighteenth century fashion in detail" by Avril Hart and  Susan North. Over 200 pages of drawings and color plates of the embroidery detail. Better than I had even anticipated. I have purchased a couple of other stitching related books.

Stitching is slow going around here. Mostly because I am working so much overtime that by the time I get home I am too tired to stitch. It is that time of year where the light gets longer so that makes stitching easier on the eyes. I have purchased way too much stitching of late. I have so much I want to stitch and so little time to work on it as well.  I am really enjoying my class with Sally Munro. The webcast was confusing to me to log into (my fault entirely) and I am glad it is reposted on the website for reviewing. I love the colors on this and really want to finish it but no way am I going to be able to keep up with it. I have not been able to keep up with Amy Mitten either just not enough hours to stitch. I am downloading it all and will keep working on it. I do love both of them. I think I will just do class stitching until I am all caught up. I will add Dorothy Walpole back once I catch up and Mary Wigham. I have to get more disciplined. I have two small pieces that I am working on in between as well. I love doing the BBD stockings but even those are behind. It is all okay. I love every stitch.

I need to start shopping my own stash. But it seems every time I say that some new design comes out and there goes my resolve. I want to get the new LHN Lisa Snow sampler. Love the roses across the bottom of that. I need to wait a bit though. These classes are going to take up most of my stitching time for the next while. But that never stopped me from looking.
My last progress picture from Mary Wigham. I love the colors and they are even nicer than this picture shows. 

This is my updated Anniversaries of the Heart. Very little progress on this. I am stitching it on 40 count with recommended colors. 

I did want to thank two people who left comments on a previous post giving me an award for blogs that have less than 100 followers. I really appreciate it. 
I hope you are all getting lots of stitchy time in this week. I promise to post more pictures soon. I really am stitching more than I am blogging. 
Hope you have a stitchy day.


  1. Hey Marjo!
    I hope that you find some more stitching time soon. The classes sound interesting, the Amy Mitten one is beautiful. I just don't do that well at schedule stitching.
    I need to stitch out of my stash too.
    Beautiful progress on Mary and the BBD piece.

  2. Sorry you've been so busy! I hate when work keeps me from the things I truly WANT to do! The stitching you've done is lovely and a few stitches when you can will eventually lead to a finish. I hope your work slows down a little so you can enjoy the relaxing sound of thread pulling through your fabric.

  3. Stitching takes time but stashing can be done in a click! Like you, I've been just far too tired lately to accomplish much. I've never taken an online class before and I've wondered how difficult it is without it being in real life. Your AotH looks sweet!