Saturday, January 5, 2013

And the hunt continues

My pattern was safely at my friend's house for the hummers so that turned out well. I was so relieved as getting the extra threads was no problem, explaining why I needed a second pattern was not going to be so easy. I am anxious to get back to it as this weekend is my time to finish that design if at all possible. Since my pattern for the hummers was missing in action I moved on to a new start to usher in the New Year. It was wonderful to start something new. I had been stitching exclusively on the hummers since May (yes, I am an incredibly slow stitcher). I am looking forward to getting started with the rotation once the hummers move on to their permanent home at my sister's house.

 I did want to tell you that if sewing/craft/stitching area organization is one of your agenda items for 2013 that there are tons of ideas on the web for how to do it. I have spent the morning looking at Pintrest and other internet sights that have groupings of what people have done to make their corner of their home be as functional as possible for their craft. Some have invested a ton of money to make just gorgeous picture perfect sites but many have used garage sale finds and inexpensive items to do the trick. We each have different requirements for what that means to organize our space and different budgets to do it with as well. I continue to jot down notes of things that appeal to me. I did find some embroidery ribbon holders which had been a search for sure. That ribbon is too precious to just jumble in the bottom of a sewing box which is where mine currently resides. I will give you pictures of the final decisions as I come to them. As for now I am still at the de-clutter stage of the project. It is a definite work in progress. If you have some ideas on how you have utilized a small space to work for you I would be interested in hearing about it.

 I am in search of a cutting table today. I found some ideas and I am going to see if I can find something like that here in chilly Alaska. We have a lot of stores but not any of the Ikea, Container Store type places where a lot of the solutions I found came from. Plus many of the regular shops don't carry everything they do normally in the lower 48. It has to do with shipping costs when everything comes by barge.  It is always a challenge to find a substitute up here for things I am I in search of for my crafts; especially ones that fit into my budget.  I will let you know what I come up with next time.

I have finished two books, going to download a new one from Audible and listen/stitch the afternoon away until my husband gets home for our shopping trip to town. Hope today finds some stitchy time for you as well.



  1. Hi, Marjo,

    Do you have any Pier 1 stores in Alaska? I notice that mine carries a cutting/work table with handy shelves in it. It's just the perfect height--taller than a kitchen table, so no achy back. Glad you found the pattern!

  2. Glad you found your pattern!
    I'm in a never ending organization process of my room and closet! I would just love to buy all new shelving, bins, and have everything match. But then, I think what I'm using looks and works fine and the extra $ can be used for more stash!! LOL I hope you post pics when you are finished.

  3. Glad you found your pattern!

    Happy new year Marjo