Sunday, January 13, 2013

First finish of 2013

Well it should have been the last one for 2012 but finally, at last it is done. The hummers are ready to fly to my sisters house where they will reside from now on. Yeah!

Hummingbird Art by Dimensions

I am working on getting back into working on my rotation. It has been so long since I have done that it has taken me a while to get into the swing of things.  Last week was gift stitching and I made a good start on it. This week is Dorothy Walpole. I love the colors in this one. I decided that I would not take her to Thursday stitching with my stitch group but to take some small, older pieces that I also want to get done. I took a small drawn and pulled thread design piece this week and got two rows done on it. Should have it finished in a few weeks. Will take pic of it next time to show you. It is a design put together by a friend that she taught at our local EGA group a long time ago. It was a lot of fun.

Dorothy Walpole Scarlet Letter

My husband is frequently on call with his job and so on weekends I will occasionally accompany him. I take ornaments to work on while I wait. Here is my progress from yesterday's calls. This is Victoria Sampler Button Up Birdies. They are so much fun to stitch and easy for me to do in the car with variable light. I am enjoying these little bird designs. Though I must admit the Wisper on this one is giving me fits. I had never heard of the Velvet stitch and it took me a while to get it right to make the willows on the design. It s good to learn something new--once I have learned it. Fun stitch. One more day on call and it should be done. Sorry, he looks a little odd with no eye or feet but he is a WIP..

Well no more stitching to report. It is cold and rainy here with icy roads and just general uck. Therefore I will finish the evening with Dorothy Walpole and some listening to book on tape. Hope you have some stitchy time in your week.


  1. The hummers are just gorgeous! So detailed and colorful! Congrats - your sister will love it!