Monday, March 18, 2013

Stitching finishes finished

I LOVE to stitch, I mean it, I love it really I do. Finish it into anything, not so much. I can see what I want to make something in to but it never seems to translate into reality. Therefore I send some things out to be finished. These are the last two of some that I sent out quite a while ago. They came back in the mail yesterday. I love mail when it is stitching related.

Trip around the World Nancy's Needle
Shepherd's Bush Eggs
I love the quilt sampler's by Nancy's Needles. I have several of her patterns. They are so much fun as a change from cross stitch when you feel the need for just a little something different. The colors are great and stitch up fairly fast.

And just in time for Easter are this cute design by Shepherd's Bush. I loved this when I stitched  it and I am so thrilled to have it back.

Well, that is the only finish I have to share. I am off to stitch, hope you find some stitchy time in your day,


  1. I also love to stitch. However, I'm not great with a sewing machine. I have so many stitched pieces just sitting in a drawer. You said you send somethings out to be finished. Does someone do it in your area or do you have to ship them off to someone?

  2. Love the quilt square finish...and the SB pillow is adorable!

  3. Great finishes, they're both lovely

  4. Oh Wow Margaret - gorgeous finishes! I recognize some striped fabric I have in my stash on your SB pillow. :) I'm with you, no better mail that stitching stash or gifts! (unless maybe a check from the lottery....)