Saturday, March 16, 2013


Our TNTSL group had a one day, all day, stitch all day retreat at one of the members houses. It was so much fun. We had plenty of food, great conversations, and all day to stitch as you please. We always try to have some stitchy magazines and catalogs to look at if someone needs to take a break. We had great meals and laughed a lot. Stitching all day, what could be better than that. Only one member had a finish to show for the day. This is a double sided quilt made out of fabrics on hand by one of the group. 
the only finish is this fun double sided quilt

The other side of same quilt
I believe this beauty is off in the mail to a neice of the makers. Another fun quilt finish. 
Cake pops as part of our treats
After a morning of heavy stitching we had to take a lunch break. A friend of my son's made the cake pops for us to try. They were a hit with the ladies. Turtle, strawberry and chocolate, so much to choose from.

always plenty of food

our gracious hostess

this is where the day started
I so agonized over what would be the retreat piece as I had finished my last one.  I have so many pieces that are in my WIP pile that I want to finish. I had to sort through and sort through discarding idea after idea. Then I remember this one. Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread. Any Alaskan who has made it this far through the Winter is ready for some Spring color. Our Springs are short here so we take as much as advantage of it as we can. I am ready for some color so figured it would be best to stitch it. (Gardener I am not). I started this a long time ago. I somehow mis-counted on the middle tree and had to take it down more than once. Hence it lived in the WIP pile for quite a while. This is where the day ended with my progress. I love it and am ready to bring it into the rotation as soon as I get something else finished. Of course I was looking for Spring and all I got finished was the snow.....

The end of the day

There is nothing better for us than a day together stitching. We always enjoy our time together, we eat, talk, laugh and stitch, and stitch and stitch. I wouldn't trade these ladies for anything. The absolute best stitching buddies a girl could have. Already planning when the next one is going to be.....

Hope you have some stitchy time in your day. Marjo


  1. It sounds like a wonderful time! You managed to get a lot done. I love stitching with friends and a whole day sounds like a real treat.